what is letter writing?

in Business Communication

Letter writing by itself is an art. It Is also a social and business asset. The ability to write a good and perfect letter can be as useful as the ability to talk well and the ability to maintain excellent inter-personal relationships. In business, effective communication through letters saves much time, trouble and inconvenience. It promotes understanding as well as business. The letter one sends on behalf of a company or an organization is a representative of the organization.

Great writers of the twentieth century have lamented the decay of the art of letter writing consequent to the invention of the telegraph and telephone. But the importance of letter writing is getting reestablished with the advent of the computer and e-mail facilities.

In fact, towards the end of the nineteenth century great novelists wrote their novels in the continuous format of letters written by the characters in it. They are called’ epistolatory novels’ (composition in letter form). Great men of the preceding century like Emerson, Mark Twain and George Bernard Shaw wrote letters that are read and enjoyed even today.

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