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Communication is a skill acquired by an individual to exchange messages, facts, ideas, opinions and even express emotions. This skill is acquired either without any conscious effort, or by conscious effort through education. When the skill is acquired without conscious effort (like a child acquiring its mother tongue), it creates a certain profile for the individual. That is why some people appear aggressive, some others timid and a few others sly and cunning.

Examine the following situation: You are standing in a queue to buy a ticket and some person makes an attempt to jump the queue. You can react aggressively by shouting at him, or you can timidly wink over the violation, or you can murmur and complain to the counter-clerk, or you can firmly and politely ask the man to follow the queue norm. In the first instance you are aggressive, in the second you are non-assertive, in the third you are covert or sly and in the fourth instance you are assertive. If you have an assertive profile, you always succeed. An assertive person believes in his rights and recognizes the rights of others. He is polite and firm in his opinions. But in a situation of conflict, he is flexible to a reasonable level. He can say ‘No’ to a suggestion or a request without offending the person with whom he communicates. The assertive person has a problem solving attitude.It is your communication skill that helps you to succeed. But, all these varied communication behaviours reflect the individual’s mindset, attitude and even culture.

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